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FACE FIRST – shooting strangers

People are a very big part of street photography. But since pictures of people’s backsides tend to turn boring very soon, you have to shoot people in the face. And doing so with a perfect stranger requires a bit of nerve and some practice. Especially if you like to shoot strangers at point-blank range and with a wideangle lens. Nerve i don’t lack. Practice, well… i can definitely use some of that.


So i headed out to Rome’s Trinita’ dei Monti, and snuck around, trying to capture the essence of life, a little before sunset on a hot sunny day. The light was bright and harsh – ideal for punchy colors and contrasty images. These are some of the perfect strangers i pointed my lens at.





































































Alessandro Ciapanna

BLACK BERLINERS – shady photo essay

i spend six days in berlin trying to avoid the puddles caused by the near-incessant rain and wishing for a little direct sunlight to make the colors shine a bit. and when the sun finally does come out – just instants before sunset – i spend the entire time shooting shadows…





och, mein gott! the sun is out! quick shadow, open the door, i gotta get out with my camera…





…to shoot…










…nothing but…










ok. that should cover it…





…good bye!



photographs taken in june 2012 in berlin, germany.


you can see similar images to these, but taken in rome HERE.

alessandro ciapanna

AIRSTRIP TRIP – psychedelic airport

ladies and gentlemen and other people, may i introduce you to the runways of berlin’s tempelhof airport? something quite unlike anything we normally get to see.





follow the arrows. some of the original, now fading graphics.





these are more modern. and oh, so bright.





the three prevailing colors employed in these graphics is white, yellow, and the sort of purplish-fuchsia.





another shot suitable for a record cover.





this star motif was to emphasize the precise location of a small device built into the runway itself. imagine having to find an item ten centimeters wide on a runway over two kilometers long and hundred of meters wide?





these look like zebra crossings, but they are obviously something else. skid marks from the airliners’ tires are still visible in some spots.





not really sure if you’re supposed to stay in a specific lane: windskaters and bikers and rollerbladers seem to coexist in a harmonious sort of chaos.





let us not forget that this is germany. the poor little girl in this picture was not only supposed to learn how to skate: her mother insisted that she had to do it in a (and on) a perfectly straight line.





these graphics look a lot smaller when peering out of the grubby, scratched plexiglass airplane window. they are huge.





you can walk, ride or sit on these graphics. one photographer almost got himself run over by a wind-drawn contraption while lying down to get a more dramatic angle. ok, i’ll confess: it was me.





oh, i see that today you opted for the unobtainium bicycle…








say your city gave you a whole airport to do anything you want with. which toy would you bring out there? your 30-speed bike made of unobtainium? a six-foot skateboard with a windsurf sail attached to it? rollerblades? rc cars? you’d be in good company. i just broght my camera. i mean, where else in the world can you run around on a real runway and get down and dirty photographing those fading airstrip graphics.


more tempelhof images HERE and even more HERE.


thanks for the visit.

alessandro ciapanna