photography by alessandro ciapanna

La Boca, Argentina

22 Responses to “La Boca, Argentina”

  1. Murray Foote

    Welcome back Alessandro!

    I didn’t spend enough time in Buenos Aires to see this intriguing neighbourhood.

  2. bentehaarstad

    Welcome back, Alessandro, I am delighted to see your photos again. Monochrome, of course! I am not back on track myself, but I guess I’ll see you around!

    • alessandro ciapanna

      In due time, as things unfold. Trees grow slowly, but that does not make them any less beautiful. It makes them more so…

      Thanks for the visit and the heartwarming comment, Bente (Ms).


  3. asahjaya

    Thanks for the pics. Love to see uncommon scenes at faraway places. The bike with carriers front and back, both are still strong. Welcome back.

    • alessandro ciapanna

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment.

      Keep on pushing on those bicycle pedals… it makes life slower, and therefore (in a way) longer.


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